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I live in Saginaw, Michigan and I have had mold in my house for over a year and it has gotten worse. I rent and the landlord has known about this growing problem since it started he has done nothing about it. The mold is black and there is quite a bit of it and I have recently called the housing inspectors to check it out and they gave him 90 days to fix this and many other things like pealing paint and other things and in 2 weeks from today his 90 days are up and he has done nothing.  I have 4 kids and they have all been sick with upper respiratory problems for about 4 months now.  One of my children who is 3 has bad asthma and this does not help and they have missed so much school for emergency room visits to the hospital. I have 2 autistic children and to tell the truth they have learning disorders already and I do not know what this is doing to them. I can not sit by any longer on this I have told the land lord many times to fix this problem as he wont the basement leaks bad when it rains and some times when it just sprinkles. I am tired of this and having my children just lay around the house coughing and fevers and taking them to the emergency room one child has been in the E.R.7 times in the last 3 months they even kept him over night.  they all have the same symptoms. Can you tell me a good lawyer?  I have the health dept coming over to check this out also and they will test the mold.  My daughter who is autistic is 5 and her lead level was 4 in 1999 now I have to get them all tested because they tell me that they should have a level of 0 and I have lived here since 1986 and it has went through 2 landlords when the other guy owned it he kept everything up and he got sick so he sold them to this guy and since then he has done nothing to fix anything.  please reply back on how I can get a lawyer.

A. With the double threat of both lead and mold contamination of your rental house, you need to to move your family out immediately to safer living quarters. If you do find a good attorney, it will take months or years to get legal justice against the landlord. In the interim, your family's health gets worse every day you remain in the house. If your landlord is court-ordered to repair the home, you will have to leave anyway to enable the mold remediation procedures to be done. Before you surrender possession of the rental house, have it thoroughly mold-tested, whether by the health dept. or by a professional company like Mold Inspector, which serves the Sagninaw, Michigan area.  For mold inspection, testing, and removal anywhere in Michigan, phone mold expert Phillip Fry, toll-free 1-866-300-1616. You can also visit the websites Flint Mold Inspection and Detroit Mold Inspector. For mold testing tips, please visit Mold Testing. To find a lawyer, please visit: Mold Lawyer. Learn all about landlord mold liability.

Mold Victim Rights Association
Are you a MOLD VICTIM because you are:
1. Working in a moldy workplace?
2. Renting a moldy rental house, apartment, condo, office, or commercial building?
3. Sick from staying in a moldy hotel, motel, or resort room?
4. Living in a moldy home purchased from a seller or new home builder who failed to disclose known mold infestations?
5. Having a water intrusion or mold damage problem caused by an adjoining condominium, co-op apartment, or your home owners association?
6. Making mortgage payments to a lender for a moldy house, condo, or commercial building?
7. Being unable to pay for needed mold remediation because your insurance company has wrongfully denied your water or mold damage insurance claim?
8. Living or working in a moldy house or building that was improperly or incompletely mold remediated by a mold remediation company?
9. Sick from living or working in a building water and mold damaged by a negligent building contractor such as a roofing, plumbing, or air conditioning company?
10. Attending school or teaching or working in a school that is mold-infested?

Get mold justice by joining the Mold Victim Rights Association. For help, phone executive director Phillip Fry toll-free 1-866-300-1616, cell phone (480) 310-7970, or email phil@moldinspector.com.

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